It is with great sadness that we announce that Nina passed away on Jan 6, 2023

As per Nina’s wishes, a memorial video is being prepared, please check back soon.

This website is being maintained & updated by Jared Bendis

(yes, Nina still has project to be released!)

Her obituary can be read here.

WELCOME to this website that captures
the many facets of my work. Enjoy the project
, check into the books, videos and links.
I invite you to contribute poetry that
you have written.

Philosophical Notes:

The design of my website was a gift from a student from the Cleveland Institute of Art with whom I had been working who thought I should have a website.

The threads: Poems, books, videos—teaching, advocating, mentoring, finding the nooks and crannies of this community’s legacies and try to make sense of those undervalued. A project usually involves visual aspects, i.e., CDs and websites that are important as integral parts to allow people to respond in the ways each finds comfortable. Each has involved an advisory team, i.e., teachers, artists, art historians and editors who are always invaluable.

I am most pleased and excited:

  • When projects reach unheralded niches and have an impact because they have found audiences among the populations with whom the ideas resonate. Stem from community data building through public sessions publications. (see projects—multi-dimensional)
  • When people say (unsolicited) they gained and grew from something, an interaction, etc.
  • Watching people grow.
  • When an idea flourishes and takes hold.